Roseanna is the founder and director of Great Minds Together
Roseanna is experienced, practical and a great listener.

Beginning her career as a teacher Roseanna found that she was naturally spending a majority of her time helping people navigate their way through challenges. She loved doing this, and decided to seek out the best learning institutions to centre her career on using the evidence based strategies derived Coaching Psychology to best support people.

Roseanna’s skills extend from an internship with the Centre for Synchronous Leadership, a top UK based ethical leadership consultancy, she also completed a Practitioner Diploma through the Academy of Executive Coaching. Whilst project managing large scale workshops, initiatives and working with private clients Roseanna discovered the challenges that women in leadership positions and ethical minorities face. Feeling isolated and outside your comfort zone is difficult. Roseanna applies Coaching Psychology techniques to help people manage stress, develop confidence and prepare for important events.

Roseanna attended Oxford University UK to develop skills in teaching high quality Mindfulness based techniques. She uses simple effective approaches to help people switch off and appreciate greater quality of life.

Furthermore, Roseanna moved to NSW Australia where she completed a Master’s Degree in the Science of Coaching Psychology through the University of Sydney. Roseanna developed a broad knowledge base of unique strategies that support individuals and organisations to develop insight into how they function, a strong vision of what they want and a plan to make deliberate steps forward. She teaches strategies that assist people to instil work life balance, manage time well and stop procrastination. Roseanna understands that self-belief increases when you do what you are passionate about, have a plan and take intentional steps. She makes sure that people find this an enjoyable and innovative process.

A few words from Rose

An old friend once said to me, ‘if you cast your net out too wide you’ll never catch any fish.’ This got me thinking. What really matters and where am I putting my energy? I realised that I wanted to use Coaching Psychology to help people improve specific areas of their life. And I wanted to be particularly good at it.

I could see that people don’t necessarily need to have an illness or a specific problem to want an extra set of eyes to help them work through a challenge. Also we are not lazy, we just get busy and forget what we intended to do.

When we see our lives as having a sense of purpose and personal growth we feel more satisfied, exhilarated and not surprisingly this has a ripple effect over other areas of our lives too.

A spiral of incredible things then happened. I was honoured to study at world renowned institutions both in Australia and abroad. I learnt the importance of developing a vision, setting goals and working towards them. Did you know that people who set goals are more likely to succeed than those who don’t?

Goals are fascinating, they communicate the belief that we are capable of overcoming obstacles, and begin to create a new reality.

If you are reading this, you may be feeling stuck or curious about change? I know most of us have felt this way at some point.

Some of the most powerful experiences we have come from working through challenges. Challenges give us the opportunity to create new understandings and grow into bigger better people.

Roseanna Moylan